An update on weightloss!

I’ve been so terrible about updating lately. With the holidays coming up, and work winding down for the year, it’s been a mad house here. Plus, we’ve jumped right into the demolition of our master bathroom, so a lot of our spare time has been spent tearing down, and cleaning up, and tearing down more. So…busy. But enough of the excuses!

I’m pretty sure when I last posted, I was around 20 pounds down from my heaviest weight. My overall goal weight loss was around 47 pounds total, which puts me at a healthy weight of around 145 pounds. For my height, and build, that’s on the upper end of a “healthy” BMI, but still within that range. Definitely achievable, but would definitely take some work.

I’ve been tracking calories for quite some time now. MyFitnessPal just told me that I’ve logged my daily food for 83 days, but prior to that I’d taken a month or so off, and I’d been tracking for a few months prior to that. So, probably close to 6 months of calorie tracking. I was worried that I’d struggle to lose weight, because I’ve never done any sort of weight loss without working out. And, with my busted knee, working out really wasn’t an option (I was able to walk on the treadmills at work, at a 2mph pace, but only for about a half mile at a time before it because too painful to continue. Towards the end, just before my surgery, I wasn’t even able to do walk very well without a significant amount of pain…so working out was totally out of the question). But, surprisingly, with counting calories, I was able to lose the weight at a nice, steady pace!

Today, I write this post at my “goal” weight for the end of 2013. I am down 27 pounds total, and about 25 of those pounds were prior to me working out again! I have 20 more pounds to go before I reach my final goal weight, and I’d really like to achieve that prior to our anniversary in May, when we go to Seattle on a trip and for a friend’s wedding! I’m really excited for this change…for the first time in my life I really have felt like I’ve made an actual LIFESTYLE change, not just a diet. For the past 2-3 weeks, when I track my food, it’s at the end of the day, and the tally has been within my calorie limits. So, I’m making unconscious decisions to eat well and be healthy. Plus, I think becoming a vegetarian has really pressed on me the importance of good nutrition, because I am missing out on some nutrients from meat, and I need to make those up elsewhere. It’s been a learning experience, but I hope it’s one that finally sticks!

So, there’s my update! Over halfway there!! I’m not sure if I’ll do before/after photos, since there’s no protected posting like with xanga, and it’s not something I want all up over the interwebz, but I might find a way around it.

Hope you all are doing well!

Much love,

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