Home Remodel

We are rapidly moving into the demolition stage for our bathroom remodel!  I am so excited that we’ll be doing this work by ourselves…it’s going to be a lot of hard work and learning, but I totally think we’re capable of it and that it’ll come out really well done.  Plus, I know as anal retentive as J is (god bless the guy and all his engineering traits), he’ll be up for the challenge to deal with all the nit-picky details.

The tile for the shower flooring is in and we’ll pick it up on Saturday.  Thursday, our furniture will arrive (all the things we bought from IKEA, including sinks (2), beds (2), medicine cabinets (2), shelving unit (1), etc.) and we can start putting the beds together to finish setting up our room (the bed was the only piece we didn’t have yet).  I’m very excited to have our room taken care of, though it will be hard to tell, since we’re going to rip the bathroom apart at the seams.

After we finish putting together the beds and getting them set up, then we’ll start the demo aspect of the bathroom.  I’m sure it’ll be messy as can be, but it’s all part of the process.  Once that’s done, then we can start laying the under-floor heating and moving the wiring/piping for the lights and shower.  That should be the biggest part of the undertaking…after that, it’s just hanging drywall (I think we’re going to hire out the “finishing” aspect of the drywall), then tiling everything in.  Then, we’ll bring back in the guy who painted our living/dining/kitchen so that he can paint the bedrooms upstairs and the bathroom.

In the meantime, we’ve been fixing some things around the house we’ve been meaning to get to for a while (namely lights).  Over the past week, we’ve changed out two wall lights (on either side of the fireplace), removed a pendant light from the kitchen area, and changed out the hanging light in the dining room.  Here are the before/after shots!

Dining Room Lights New/Old

dining room lights

Wall Lights next to the Fireplace

Fireplace Wall Lights

What do you think??

I’m just glad it’s done.  We also removed another light from the kitchen that we plan to replace with a can light, hopefully soon.  I didn’t get any photos of it, because we’d already turned off the power to the kitchen and it was too dark for photos.

My next remodel post will highlight the demolition process and I’ll be sure to show you all the mess!

Much love,

2 thoughts on “Home Remodel

  1. Yay!! Now you can watch all those DIY shows on tv and actually put them to use! And think about the money you’ll be saving! yay! And radiant heating in the bathroom sounds like a dream come true 🙂

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