A little bit of life.

Wow, I’ve been so absent from my blog lately!  I haven’t meant to be, but that seems to be how life happens sometimes.  Things have been coming and going, typical life stuff.

In terms of health:  I’m down 20 POUNDS!!!!  It’s been a slow journey, especially because I’ve not been able to work out due to my knee.  But, I’ve really been able to manage my diet, which is good…especially since becoming a vegetarian!  So that makes me really happy.

Remodel:  The remodel hasn’t officially kicked off yet.  We have a designed floor plan we’re going with, and we’re now sorting out the various fixtures and furniture for the bathroom and closet.  We’re getting there, slowly, but I’m very excited to see the finished product.  We decided to go back to my initial idea of brown/black furniture to be continuous with the bedroom, and we’ll probably go with blues, grays, and greens in colors.  Going for a very soothing, spa-like feel.

Transportation:  We’ve done 6-months here with one car, but I think the time has come where we’re considering a second.  I’ve been doing a lot of things after work, so I’ll have the car, and J has been stuck at home with nothing to do while I’m away…which isn’t fair.  So…we’re looking at a second car, just for the occasional run around town when the other car is tied up.  Hopefully we won’t use it a ton, as we probably won’t get another car that’s as fuel-efficient as our Prius.  But…we’re on the hunt, so I hope we find something soon.

Catholic Class:  Catholic class has been going SO well!  I am really enjoying my time there, the things I’m learning, and the discussions and conversations with the other people there.  I just feel so incredibly welcomed there, and I really get a sense of “belonging,” which is exactly what I was looking for.  I definitely think it’s been the right choice for me, even though my mother has been really difficult regarding the decision.  Guess you can’t make everyone happy, right?

That’s about it!  Life in a nutshell.  I’ll try to be better about updating more frequently!  Hopefully I’ll have info on a car this weekend!

Much love,

One thought on “A little bit of life.

  1. Glad you are liking your class! Way to go on the weight loss. I’m up 12! I haven’t changed anything either, so now I have to figure out what is going on. Glad to hear things are generally going well.

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