Bathroom Remodel

J and I have been talking more about what we want out of our bathroom remodel.  I think we’ve decided to do the majority of the work (minus the actual construction piece) ourselves, so I figure it will either solidify our marriage beyond belief, or I’ll be shopping for a divorce attorney.  You know, either one.

We worked with a designer to actually put together a concept of what we wanted for the bathroom remodel.  Some of our “wants” were: a bigger shower (I’m sick of hitting my elbows on the walls when I wash my hair), better use of space, smaller vanity while maintaining two sinks, and creating a good flow from the bathroom to the closet (instead of making it into a separate room for the closet, keeping them incorporated).  She came back with six designs, which were all good, but one really jumped out at us.  I’ll try to take a photo and put into this post later, but for now you’ll have to take my word on it.  It created a larger shower, a separate toilet room (basically put in a wall with a sliding door to create a “room” for the toilet), and took our french doors down to a single door in order to move the vanity down the wall and make it smaller.  Plus, it incorporated the closet into the bathroom so that it has a better flow between the two rooms.  The shower isn’t an insert shower, it’s fully custom, so I’m very excited about that (much larger than what we had)!

So, with that piece of it done, it has now come down to the actual aesthetic piece of the puzzle.  Originally, I wanted a Moroccan feel, with dark woods and marble, but after thinking on it a bit, I realized that wouldn’t really fit in with the rest of the house.  Our house is a Cape Cod style, and our personal style leans towards the more modern/contemporary with lots of clean lines, little to no clutter/knickknacks, and earthy tones.  So…we wanted to keep that in mind as well.

So, after a lot of looking around on Pinterest and Houzz, plus visiting some tile stores and the typical Lowe’s / Home Depot, I think we’ve settled on a few key items.  We’re looking to install ceramic tile floors that are made to look like a wood floor (I love wood flooring, but don’t want to put it in the bathroom where you run the risk of a burst pipe or lots of water damage from shower/bathtub), along with white furniture.  I’m thinking either a muted blue/grey wall, or just a lighter shade of the grey we have in our bedroom as the wall color, and then we’ll tile in the shower up to waist level, with glass walls from the waist up. 

Here are some photos of the type of style I’m looking at!  The first few photos are actual components we’re considering, and the bathroom photos are just for the feel of the overall remodel.

Wood Tile:  Cinnamon Timber

Wood Tile


Bathroom Furniture:  Restoration Hardware, Hutton Collection

Hutton Hutch       Hutton Washstand with mirror

Hutton Washstand Restoration Hardware

Overall “Feel”:  White furniture, wood floors, blue or grey walls

bathroom         wood floors

wood floor white cabinets 


What do you think??  Any ideas you think would work well with this type of style for a bathroom?

Much love,

5 thoughts on “Bathroom Remodel

    • We’re thinking dark, since I want there to be a contrast. However, I’m not ruling out white…I just haven’t really found any that strike my fancy. Restoration Hardware has a dark option for countertops, I just couldn’t get the picture to change on their website to post here. I think Jamie and I are going to go try to check it out this weekend at the RH up in Indy.

  1. My neighbors floors in her bathroom look much like the second pic. A lot of her bathroom looks like that pic actually. I LOVE it and wish we had those floors in our bathrooms instead of the tile that came with the house.

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