Sunday is my birthday, and for some reason, I’m struggling with it.  It’s not a big milestone or anything…I turn 31.  It’s not that I feel old, or aging…none of that!  But for some reason, I just feel a bit down about it.

Part of it might be that I always felt that, by this time, I’d be a mother.  I know that you can’t really have a timeline for these sorts of things, so it’s no use getting bummed about…it is what it is.  Another part might be that I’m gearing up for my knee surgery in a few weeks, which is hopefully going to solve a lot of my knee pain and movement limitations.  I basically missed an entire summer of outdoor activities due to my knee, so that has really sucked as well.

J. is, as always, being wonderful.  He sent me a text this morning outlining the birthday weekend activities.  I have a few choices in there, so we’ll see.  Plus, tomorrow, I’m doing another wine and canvas event with a few friends…I’ll be sure to post photos of my two paintings once I’m finished up! 

Hopefully my lack of excitement over my birthday is just some leftover exhaustion after being sick all this past week, coupled with the drain of work, and I can leave it all behind once we’re finished for the day.  Sorry I’ve been lacking in posts lately…hopefully I can jumpstart Monday with some new stuff!

Much love,

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