Exercise and Being Healthy

With as crazy as these past few months have been, I’ve still been trying to live a healthier lifestyle and work out more. I try to do something every day, whether it be taking a walk, cleaning the house and doing laundry, or walking a few miles on the treadmills at work. It’s rough! I don’t always get something done, but…I try to make up for it with keeping a healthier diet.

So far, in the past few months, I’ve lost 10 pounds so far. I’m still a LONG way away from my goal weight (another 40 pounds), but slow and steady wins the race, right? I’m trying to schedule my knee surgery, which will keep me out of commission for exercise, at least for a bit…but hopefully I’ll be able to keep up healthy food habits and it will allow me to continue losing weight. I know it isn’t all about the number on a scale, but the motivation of seeing that number go down sure does help. Plus, right now, I’m pretty restricted on cardio options, so I’m really relying more on diet than anything…not a lot of “tightening” going on over here, that’s for sure. Sigh…oh well, hopefully that will change after the knee surgery.

Otherwise…last week was the 4th month anniversary of going vegetarian! I am so glad I made the decision to stick with it, I definitely feel much healthier and happier. I definitely don’t begrudge anyone for eating meat, but for me, it was definitely the right decision. Plus, J’s been eating a lot more vegetarian meals (even though I offer to cook him meat at home) and he’s feeling much better too! All around, a win.

That’s about all for now on the health aspect. Any new veggie recipes I should try?

Much love,

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