An Update on the Twins

The kittens are doing so well!!  We’ve had them 2 weeks today, and they are completely out of their shells and running around like miniature banshees!  Hana is super talkative…she chirps about all the time, and Lieve is pretty high energy, but quiet.  Who are we kidding, they’re BOTH high energy, but I’m seriously loving every second.  This kitten stage is the best stage (in my opinion), because it’s like you discover the world all over again through their eyes. 

Yesterday was a big day for them…vet visit.  They needed to go in for their second round of boosters for kitten immunizations, plus a slew of other things.  They both were immunized, and the vet ran blood work for feline FIV and feline leukemia…both negative!!  Then, the vet checked the normal things…weight, temperature, eyes, ears, heart and lungs, tummy…the usual.  They got another round of dewormer, just in case, and then we were off!  Only one more visit, next month, for their follow-up shots, and then they’ll run the bloodwork for the spay procedure.  After that…they’ll get spayed, and hopefully be finished up with the vet for a year!

We got home after the vet yesterday and they both just sacked out on the bed…totally exhausted.  Poor little things..such a big day for them.  This morning…back to normal!  They are seriously so adorable, it’s hard not to love them up.  Lily is also doing SO much better with them.  There is still some hissing, and she’s still not sure about them, but she’s out and about when they’re out of our room now.  Before, she’d just book it straight into the spare bedroom and hide under the bed.  They’re definitely not BFF, but it’s also only been two weeks, so I have hopes that eventually they’ll learn to live together peacefully.  I’m not really expecting best friends, but I’ll take cordial.  LOL.  Hell…my goal is just no more hissing!

Otherwise, things are going really well.  The kittens are great with just about everything. We’ve clipped their nails once so far (no problems), and they’ve both been on antibiotics for the past 10 days due to an infection, so they’ve been taking the liquid like champs!  Overall, they’re just so laid back and like, “whatever mom, whatever you want.”   Lily is still being her old self with us…so no worries there!  Honestly, it’s going the best I could have hopped for, and I’m feeling better each day that we really made the right decision to get them!

I’ll leave you with a little compilation of my three babies! 


There you have it…my babies!!


2 thoughts on “An Update on the Twins

  1. So glad that they are adjusting well. Hopefully Lily settles down with the hissing soon. Do all 3 still have claws? If so, are you planning to declaw? Are they indoor or outdoor cats?

    • They all have their claws, and will keep them. I don’t agree with declawing cats, and think its inhumane. Lily seems to be getting better every day!! They are all strictly indoor kitties!

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