Monday’s Veggie Recipe!

Today is another Monday, chock full of deliciousness for all you wonderful readers!  I’ll admit, last week cooking was a very LOW priority in our household.  My father-in-law had surgery to remove cancer, and my husband was back and forth between the hospital and home (the hospital was about an hour and a half away)…so there was a lot of eating out going on.  But, on Saturday, I was fortunate to have a friend in town (from Norway!), so I was able to cook for us and have a proper dinner!  She was open to just about anything, and I had a refrigerator full of fresh veg, so I went to town…Pizza was on the menu!

Roasted Vegetable Pizza

This pizza is easy.  Ridiculously easy.  In fact, I almost feel bad calling this a recipe, because it’s really more of a guideline…and not a “recipe” at all.   Here’s what you do:

Grab any and all fresh veg that you like from your fridge, your grocery, your farmer’s market, your garden.  Really, I don’t care where you get it from, just get some.  Cut it all up…medium sized chunks work best…just make sure they’re all the same size.  Then…whip out your EVOO…pour some on the veg, and season with salt and pepper.  Use the tools you got, and toss that stuff around with your hands.  Seriously…don’t be shy, dig right in.  For my pizza, I used onions, orange bell pepper, zucchini, yellow cherry tomatoes, and garlic.  Lots and lots of glorious, stinky, garlic.  It reaked…it was divine.  Take that oily, garlicky, delicious concoction and stuff it in the oven, at 400 degrees F., for about 25-30 minutes and ROAST IT ALL!!!!  Actually, I’d leave off the garlic until mid-way through…then add it.  Burnt garlic is disgusting.

Then…grab your crust.  If you’re a lazy ass like I am, you grab the can of Pillsbury pizza dough and roll that sucker out on a cookie sheet.  If you’re all gourmet like my good friend, Tupp, then you make it from scratch.  All depends on what you’re feelin’.  Personally, I used the spare time I would have needed to make the pizza dough to drink beer, but hey…everyone has priorities. 

Take your crust…roll it out on whatever you use to bake pizzas.  Cookie sheets, pizza stones, doesn’t matter.  Just roll it out.  Roll it!  Come on…roll it some more!!!  There you go.  Now, make sure the instructions say whether to bake it a little bit first…mine did.  So, I baked for 5 minutes, and then topped it with some awesome pizza sauce.  Again…if you’re a lazy ass (Lazy: Population 1) like I am, you buy the jarred kind by Classico (roasted tomato, yum) and spread that on.  If you’re Tupp…you hand roast each tomato lovingly over an open flame on a perfectly stoked wood burning fire.  Again…I drank beer. 

Now…once your veg is all perfectly roasted (and seriously, it doesn’t need you, it does it all on its own), you divvy up the booty on your tasty crust.  I also added other vegetables here that didn’t get roasted…primarily mushrooms.  Love me some fungi. 

And now…the best part.  THE CHEESE!!!  Personally, while I like mozzarella and parmesan on pizzas, what I really like is goat cheese.  It’s tangy and creamy and just flat-out awesome.  So…I bid my mozzarella adieu this go round, and topped it with bits of creamy, tangy, goaty goat cheese.  HOLY CRAP.  It just melts in your mouth.    Once done…stuff back into the oven and melt that baby until it’s bubbly.  Everything else is pretty much cooked already, so you’re pretty much just cooking the mushrooms, finishing the crust, and heating/melting everything else.

Get it out.  Slice it.  BIG slices.  And dine on pure awesomeness! 

Hope you liked it!


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