For the past few years, J and I have toyed with the idea of getting a second feline friend for our dear Lily (ok, by “dear,” I mean she’s a beast…but anyways). However, we were always caught up on whether it was a good idea to add another cat into the mix, or should we just leave Lily as a single cat in the house. We’d go back and forth quite a bit, and while we lived in the Netherlands it was always sort of wishful thinking, because the last thing we wanted to do was get a cat there and then move the cat overseas back to the US with us. In addition, we lived in a shoebox in the Netherlands…we didn’t need another living, breathing thing in that apartment.

So, a few weeks ago (as I mentioned in a previous post), I joined the City Band. After my first rehearsal, one of the clarinet players announced to everyone that she had a litter of kittens she was trying to find homes for. A stray momma cat came to her neighbor’s house and gave birth to a litter of 4 female kittens, and she had taken them all into her home, but could only keep the momma cat. So…I immediately thought about our previous considerations on taking another cat into the home…then went home and started the discussion with J. We tossed it around some more, back and forth, and then finally decided that it would be good for our home (and hopefully for Lily) to bring in another cat. Then…J throws a wrench in the works. The lady was on her way over with all four kittens (and momma) so we could pick ours, and J was like, “well, after we see them, we can pick which one and how many.” So…apparently not only was ONE kitten on the table, the option for TWO was as well!!! Twist my arm!

So the lady gets there, kittens in tow…and boy were they all adorable! However, the two tabbies (there were two tabbies and two full on grey coat kittens) were by far the more adventurous and outgoing. They were all sweet and loving, but I just felt like the tabbies would be a great addition to our house! We told Ellen that we’d take the tabbies, and she then took them all to C.A.R.E. to get their first round of immunizations. We’ll get the two new beasts on Monday!

In the meantime, I’ll post what I have in way of photos for you all! I’m sure I’ll have a ton more once we get them full-time, but for now this is what Ellen sent to me before I met them. And no, we don’t have names yet.

kitten 1 kitten 2

It probably doesn’t look like it, but those are two different kittens.  They look remarkably similar, which is why I’m getting different color collars, so I can tell them apart (until I get used to their personalities).  They’re about 9 weeks old…1.5 pounds!  Just little bundles of love!  I can’t wait to see how they interact with our other cat, Lily…I just hope it’s a good experience!  If any of you have any experience in bringing another cat into a single cat home, please let me know!


One thought on “Kittens!

  1. Oh my gosh, how fun!!! I love kittens! As for introducing them to each other, Lily will probably do A LOT of hissing. Just let her….let her growl and hiss. As long as they’re not attacking each other, let them get to know each other in their own way. It’s a territory thing and a way of establishing dominance. It is kind of scary though if you aren’t prepared. I thought my laid back cat would be find with a new kitten. He was a hissing mess and i had never even heard him hiss before! Let them do their thing and in a couple days, they will all be sleeping together 🙂 Good luck!

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