One thing that has always gotten me through anything in life has been music. Ever since I was a very small child, music has been hugely important to me. I sang for several years in school, and play a few different instruments (flute, saxophone, percussion, marimba, and violin). I’ve played the flute the longest (since 5th grade) and the violin the least amount of time (I started right before we moved to the Netherlands)…but I love them all! I really get such joy from playing music and interacting with out musicians.

So…brings me to the point of the post! This week, I joined the local city band here! I went to my first rehearsal last evening and it was SO much fun! It’s been years since I picked up my flute to play in an ensemble, but a lot of it came right back. I absolutely loved every minute of it (and practice lasted 2 hours). They actually have a performance next week, the last one of their “season”…and then a month or so break before fall. I’ll be playing with them…though I’ll definitely need to practice a bit this week before playing at the performance! It’s at a local county fair…some patriotic music, a few crowd favorites…all fun music! Then, all new music in the fall, which will be exciting as well.

I’m just really glad I decided to do this. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve struggled with getting out there and getting involved. It used to see so easy and effortless, and now it’s an actual struggle to meet and befriend new people! But, I really think this will be good for me! Plus, I start as a co-leader for Girl Scouts at the beginning of August, so that will also be really good! I’m trying my best to put myself out there in the community and really carve out a niche for myself. I think helping others and being involved will really help me feel useful outside of work…plus hopefully it will help me limit the amount of time I work over.

So…how about you all? How do you get involved in the community now?



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