The Hanger Fairy

So, I’m sure all of you are aware of the Sock Fairy.  You know, the mischievous little imp that likes to steal your socks out of the dryer, so that you only have one sock out of a matching pair…leaving you with 5 black socks and 3 brown ones?  Yeah…her.  Well…sit back kids, because I’m going to do you a solid.  I’m going to introduce you to her slightly more devious of a cousin, the Hanger Fairy.

Honestly, I don’t know when she started darkening my door step.  One day, I had hangers.  Hangers as far as the eye could see!  Every single article of clothing that needed hanging had a hanger, and on that hanger it would hang.  It was marvelous…magical even!  I would do laundry, and hang up the clothes, and in a proper little line they would stay, like little soldiers ready to march off to battle.  And then…slowly, something started to change.

It didn’t happen suddenly, it was more insidious than that.  Slowly those hangers started to disappear.  Each laundry load, I’d struggle to find just one more hanger to finish up the load…it was as if the Hanger Fairy was sitting back and mocking me in my struggle.  It was never a bunch of hangers missing…oh no, that wouldn’t be any fun.  Just one…maybe two at a time.  Just enough to make me think “Oh!  I have enough” only to yank that simple pleasure away from me at the last moment, as I’m staring down at the three shirts I have left and only one hanger.  And it wasn’t as if we were buying new clothes…I thought about that!  We haven’t brought any new clothing into the house in over a month, and yet, the hangers still disappear!

So yes, my friends…something to think about.  While the Sock Fairy isn’t all fun and games, it’s the Hanger Fairy that you really need to keep an eye out for.  She gets her pleasure from dashing your laundry doing dreams, and sits back, silently mocking your misery as you waste precious time in a search as old as time, for that last remaining hanger in your closet.  Beware…she’s out there, and her next victim just might be you.


One thought on “The Hanger Fairy

  1. HAHA I LOVE the way you wrote this…. But yes… this seems to happy at our house too… granted we have 5 people there, so items of clothing do get bought, etc, but I tell you… it happen EVERY SINGLE TIME!! And we buy more hangers… and are fine for a little bit, and then BAM we are missing some again….

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