An exciting October!

After settling myself in at work this morning, I sent a chat message to a good friend who lives in Michigan.  It’s weird…I absolutely adore this girl, but we’ve never met.  We started out reading each other’s blogs, then FB friends, and then progressed to chatting online.  She went through a divorce a few years back and I tried to be there for her because I knew it was such a rough time for her.  Then, when she started dating again, I shared her excitement in the dating stages.  The “what should I wear” and “where will we go” were fun for us to sit around and giggle over, and I was so happy when she met D, who is how her fiance.

So, I sat down at my desk, and sent C. a message, asking how she was.  We chatted a bit, and then she asked me if I would be a bridesmaid in her upcoming wedding!!!  I am so excited to be a part of her big day, and can’t wait to actually meet her in person!  I love that the internet has allowed me to create and maintain relationships that I would have never had a chance to have prior…it’s absolutely amazing!

Her primary color is blue…Tardis blue (for those of you familiar with Doctor Who).  The dress she has picked is one of the convertible type dresses, which I think is awesome!  Here is a photo of the dress color that she’s going with.

 dress color

I love the color!  The wedding is in October, so it’s a good color for pretty much any time of the year, and I really like that it doesn’t scream “bridesmaid.”  I can actually wear this again!  In addition, here are some of the options on how you can customize the dress!

dress options

I really like the one on the top right (the coral color) and the middle bottom (the grey blue color).  I think it’ll just depend on how others are styling theirs, and how much weight I manage to lose between now and then.  This is great motivation to eat even healthier and to get into the best shape possible for the wedding! 

So, that’s my good news for the day!  I’m super excited to be a part of this lady’s day, it’s going to be amazing!


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