My Poor Husband.

One thing I am adamant about in life is sunscreen.  My parents weren’t really big on using it until my dad got skin cancer for the first time when I was around 8 or 9 (it was melanoma, so he’s now missing a giant chunk of muscle out of his back right shoulder).  After that, we were slathered up with that stuff so thick it stayed white for about 30 minutes.  And reapplication was constant…never went anywhere without it.  Unfortunately, by that time, the damage was probably already done, and after my first year of undergrad, my struggle with skin cancer began.  So, somehow, between my father and I, we have probably single-handedly put our dermatologist’s children through college (probably Med School as well), with the numerous times we’ve gone in to have something or other cut off.  I’ve been lucky…no melanoma for me (yet)…only basal and squamous cell carcinomas.  Dad, less so…he’s had melanoma a few times now, and goes in for frequent checks.

With that in my mind, I’ve been pretty crazy in checking the skin of my loved ones.  So, when I saw a weird spot on J’s shoulder a few years back, I hauled him to the dermatologist post-haste.  Skin cancer, but easily removed.  Which only increased his vigilance with the sun screen as well.

Which brings up to the point of this post…my poor hubby.  He had another spot removed today, on his forehead!  Another basal cell, but they had to go a little deeper than planned, and he now is sporting a GIANT white bandage over his newly tied eight stitches.  I feel so bad for him!  He’s walking around looking like a car crash victim that smacked the windshield a bit too hard, and I can tell that he has a bad headache from everything.  Luckily, the cancer is gone, and we just have to keep an eye on his other moles and such, but I do feel bad that he had to deal with this again.  Hopefully, it’ll be the last time.

Moral of this story:  WEAR YOUR SUNSCREEN!  And if you don’t wear it yourself (even though you should) at least slather your kids up with it!



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