Another Passion…

So, one of the things I absolutely love to do in life, is create something.  I don’t really consider myself an overly artistic personality, but I do like to make things with my own hands.  Over the past few years, I have taken back up crocheting.  I learned how to crochet when I was much younger (I think 4th or 5th grade, primary school), but then dropped it and only recently decided to give it another whirl.  It’s so much easier and more fun than I remembered!  So, with my newfound hobby, I was on a mission.  CREATE!  And then, pretty much all my friends were having babies, so it was easy to get into the grove of making baby blankets.

Today, I picked out and purchased the yarn for my newest project, a baby blanket for my dear friend, Valerie!  She’s a friend from back in the Netherlands, and is pregnant with baby number one.  They have decided to not find out the gender of the child, so Valerie wanted to do a room with primary colors…easy enough!

Here is my palette:


If I knew that the baby was a girl, I’d also find a way to incorporate the butterflies, but don’t want to do that if the baby is a boy.  I guess I can crochet up a few to be attached at a later date, should baby be a girl.  Either way, I’m super excited to get started on this one!

My current project is also a baby blanket for another great friend from college, Chantel.  Her baby is due around Thanksgiving (oh lord…I need to step up my pace!), and she has asked J and I to be the godparents.  So…it’s a super special blanket for a super special baby!

I have a ravelry page, if anyone is interested in seeing what I’ve crocheted so far (though I think you have to be a member, but it’s free to sign up)…a few baby blankets, a blanket for my MIL, a scarf, a small purse for a friend’s daughter…stuff like that.  Fee free to check it out!


yarn and hook

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