A week into it, and my favorite recipe (so far)…

Well…it’s been over a week now into my foray to being meat free.  So far, things are much easier than I had anticipated.  Since I pretty much had a love affair with meat for the first 30 years of my life, I was expecting to be craving it nonstop during the first few weeks…which hasn’t really happened!  I’ve been so happy with a lot of the vegetarian options out there, not to mention it’s getting warmer outside, so fresh produce is really coming into season.  Plus, I just purchased a cookbook from my favorite domestic diva, Ms. Martha Stewart, called “Meatless.”  It has around 200 recipes in there, from all sorts of things like tapas, to soups, sandwiches, etc. It has some really great ideas in there that I can wait to try.

However, so far, my favorite recipe has been fajitas!!  They are so fantastic for a vegetarian meal…tons of sauted onions, bell peppers, mushrooms…toss in some black beans and quinoa, top with some shredded cheese!  DIVINE!  I’ve had fajitas at least twice in the past week…worth every bite of deliciousness, and I’ve never once missed the meat.  I’m thinking these are going to be a staple in our house, especially because the Hubster loved them as well!


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